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Exceptional Care Center

Your Life, Your Health, Exceptional Care

As the Chief Medical Officer and Family Physician at the Exceptional Care Center, I extend to you our warmest welcome.

Our mission is to create an exceptional Direct Primary Care practice that puts patients first and provides the best evidence-based medicine.

We are proud to be located in Trinity, Florida and we look forward to showing you and your loved ones exceptional care.

Melissa Launder, MD

Accepting New Patients

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What Is Direct Primary Care?

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For medical emergencies, please dial 911

Office Phone: (727) 232-9780

Office FAX: (727) 232-9748

Location: 1810 Wellness Lane, Trinity FL 34655

Office Hours
Effective Sep 1, 2018
Mon - Wed9:30am - 5:30pm
Thursday10:30am - 6:30pm
FridayBy appt.
Sat - SunClosed

Exceptional Care Membership

Also called Direct Primary Care

We are proud to offer our Exceptional Care Membership (often called Direct Primary Care). We believe this is the future of family medicine and here’s why:

  • Your office visits with no Co-Pays or Deductibles!
  • No insurance plan to limit, exclude, or micro-manage your visit.
  • Direct cell-phone access to your doctor.
  • Free telemedicine visits (no doc-in-a-box at the pharmacy or grocery store).
  • Same day or next day in-office visits.
  • Most in-office testing included at no extra costs (or at significantly lower cost to self-pay).
  • Incredibly low cost laboratory and radiology testing.

Plan Pricing (Updated June 21, 2019)

  • Registration: $75 (one-time charge) Maximum cost of $150 for families
  • Monthly Membership: $75/mo 
  • Children or dependents of an Adult Member (2 – 17 yrs old):  $25/mo per child


  • Single Adult, no dependents: $75 registration, $75 first month = $150 at first visit and then $75/mo.
  • Two Adults with one child: $150 registration, $175 first month payment ($75 per adult, $25 per child) = $325 at first visit and then $175/mo.