Direct Primary Care

Exceptional Care at Affordable Prices

Direct Primary Care is a Florida state recognized, nationally lauded, affordable way to bring you the best family medicine services you deserve. We are excited to be part of this new and better way to serve our patient’s healthcare needs. Please take advantage of the resources below to learn more and sign-up to become a member today!

Medical Care When and Where You Need It

DPC allows us to provide you care in the office, by phone, text, E-mail, or Video Telemedicine.

Medical Care At An Affordable Price

The DPC membership model allows us to keep costs affordable for everyone. 

Patient Centered

DPC allows Dr. Launder to work for you, not for your insurance company!
What is Direct Primary Care? Glad You Asked...

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Standard Membership

Any age
$75/ MO
  • Per person
  • One-time $75 enrollment charge per new patient (max limit $150 per family)
  • Children or dependents of members are an additional $25/mo per child

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a membership model of
medicine that allows doctors to practice without interference
from third party payers such as insurance companies.
Payment is accepted only from the patient making it a
“direct” relationship. DPC is growing across the country. It is
promoted by the American Academy of Family Physicians
and many other medical organizations. This is because
DPC doctors can give their patients more time. Improved
accessibility makes for more comprehensive healthcare and
better doctor-patient relationships.

What is included in my membership?

Most everything you have come to expect from your
primary care doctor including acute medical care (for sick
visits or minor injuries), chronic disease management (such
as for hypertension, diabetes, thyroid disorders) and most
common office procedures. I also provide well woman care
including Pap smears. Telemedicine is also included. I am
available as often as is medically necessary to take the best
care of you with NO CO-PAYS, ever!

Why would I pay for this when I already have health insurance?

In a nutshell, a DPC membership ensures fast access to
personalized care AND saves money for our patients.
Insurance is most important for coverage of emergencies or
other serious medical conditions. Would you use your car
insurance to put gas in your car or get an oil change? Your
primary care doesn’t need to be so expensive. Dr. Launder
is skilled at finding the best rates for medications, labs,
radiology services, cardiac testing and coordination of care
with specialists and health facilities. We have helped save
money for patients with even the most comprehensive
health insurance plans and there are even greater savings
to be found when pairing DPC with a high deductible plan.

I only see the doctor a few times per year. Why can't I just pay cash when a visit is needed?

The direct care model works to keep the costs down for
all patients because everyone is paying a monthly fee. This
allows the total membership costs to stay relatively low.
Some patients may feel that they only need the doctor on a
minimal basis but this can change very quickly with a bad
bronchitis, new injury or other unexpected medical problem.
Life is unpredictable but having a DPC doctor means that
you are covered when you need it. DPC is also ideal for
“healthy” patients because we have more time to devote to
prevention and lifestyle issues allowing us to focus on your
wellness and longevity.