Recent News Feb 2018

Hi all,

Welcome to our revised Exceptional Care Center website. Our goal is to continue to add trusted content that you find helpful for your visits with us and your medical health.

As many of you know, 2018 is off to a fast start with one of the strongest flu seasons in recent years. We are seeing confirmed cases in the office and we advise you to take all necessary precautions (wash hands, use hand sanitizer, cover your mouth when sneezing, where a mask if appropriate). We have masks here in the office if you have any concerns or think you might be sick when you visit.

One of the recent changes to the practice is a change in our core operating hours. We are now scheduling patient appointments from 11:00am to 6:30pm. Our office phone lines will be open from 10:30am to 6:30pm. We know many of you need later afternoon appointments, so we hope this change will help us better serve your needs.

We are excited that the practice continues to grow. We get 10-15 new patients a week calling the practice! New patient appointments are running about 6 weeks out but this does not affect regular follow-up or acute care visits.

Speaking of acute care, did you know we have acute care visit slots every day? They do fill up quickly during flu season, but we would like to be your first call if you’re not feeling well. We know you the best and we believe it is our privilege to help manage your acute care needs.

A big thank you to all the patients who have left reviews. We appreciate reading your feedback and we strive to make your experience here “Exceptional”. If we ever fall short of your expectations, please call me directly.


Tom (Administrator)